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My order arrived today and I am more than pleased with the size of the plants you sent. Are you sure you didn't send the whole plant? From now on you will be my main distributor!
Ruth Ivey

We received our daylilies today and were very pleased at the size of the root stock in our order. Will be back to order again.
Ruth Miller
Our daylily order arrived today and we were so pleased with the size of the daylily plants. I am getting another order ready to place with you as I write this note. Thanks so much.
Julie Smothers
I have delt with many other daylily growers and by far you have the most generous plants we've received. I can't wait to place another order.
Martha Victor

I received my daylily order today and I am very pleased. The plants were huge. I will be placing another order very soon. Thanks a bunch !
Cindy Stauffer
My daylily order came in the mail today and I wanted to tell you I am very happy with the size of the plants that came in my order. I will be a repeat customer for sure.
Linda Mackentire

order. What a value !
I received my daylily plants in the mail today and I couldn't be happier. The plants were bigger than expected and I love that! Will be ordering again soon. Take care
Amada Signelly
I'm pleased to see that my new Wild Horses daylily is already starting to show little signs of greening and growth, after just a few days in the ground.
Rachel Davis
New York

I never knew daylilies had different blooming seasons. I purchased a dozen of early, midseason and lates at your advice for my new landscaping and I have had blooming daylilies all summer long and they're still blooming. Thanks so much for your help !
Lynn Purper
I received my daylilies today. Thank you very much for my gift of Forsyth White buds. I have ordered from many different companies and to my surprise, wow ... your daylilies are definitely healthy and very substantial. It's up to me to care for these daylilies in this hot zone 10. I will most definitely order more daylilies from A-1 Daylilies only !!! Thank you !
Kim Giles
Oh my gosh I have never received such large plants and I have been ordering daylilies for thirty years. A-1 Daylilies will be,  from here on out,  my only daylily supplier. I received large adult root stock just as your ad stated. I am so pleased with my order !
Norma Williams
I just received my daylilies -  awesome, full, healthy fans - and they are already in the ground. Thank you for sending a great product, quickly and at a fair price. Moving forward, I will always look for my daylilies at A-1 first ! Thanks again
John Guidry, J.D.
Mailman brought my daylilies today. Oh boy what large specimens. None of the other growers have sent me this large of a plant.  I am, to say the least, thrilled with my order. I will be back to order my next daylilies from A-1 Daylilies. I can't wait !
Judy Miller
This is by far the best daylily order I have ever received in thirty years. The daylily plants I ordered from you last year came up and tripled in size this year. So happy with my orders. Thanks a so much !!
Jim Knowles
These daylily plants are monsters. Best bunch of root stock I've ever received from a daylily grower. I'm beyond pleased.
Sonja Sessons