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Rocks For The Backyard Waterfall
Building a small water feature in your backyard is easier than you think. You can find flat rocks in almost any yard or hillside.

You can use small plastic pond inserts or simply buy a small black liner from a local hardware store such as Lowes. I have found that Lowes has the biggest and best selection for pond supplies. Your project can be as small as a porch side pond with a couple of gallons of water.

As shown in the above photo rocks should be staggered with a stair step effect for the water to cascade down. You can use smaller rocks just inside the ledge of your cascading rocks to support the front of your cascade rocks. 

You will need to buy a length of pond hose $2.00 and a small pond water pump $25.00.

Small flat rocks can be placed around the edge of the liner to hold the pond liner in place.

After completing you rock placement just attach the hose to the pump and place the pump inside the pond area and run the hose up the back and lay the hose on top of your top cascading rock and set lighter weight stones in place to keep the hose from moving and wella a natural garden feature that is inexpensive, easy to install with a natural look that will give any gardener many hours of enjoyment.

We have many fountains installed around the gardens but I much prefer the inexpensive and natural looking fountains to any of them.

You can plant miniature daylilies around the front and side of the new fountain with taller daylilies being planted just behind. Kwanzo is an inexpensive taller daylily which has a real wild look to it. The most important thing is have fun !

Stone Walkways
Stone walkway's add color to any landscape and are quite affordable.

Patio Paver's come in all colors, patterns & sizes. Usually costing approximately $1.00 each. I like to use groups of four basically because the larger stones tend to crack from our cold Ohio winters. 

If your running a straight walkway put in two small posts on each end of your new walkway and run a string from post to post so you can line up your paver's in a straight line. 
Mosquito Repellent Plants
Lemon grass planted in pots or along your patio is a natural mosquito repellent. You can also use Creeping Lemon Thyme & Citronella plants as well. 
Zen Gardens
Create a Zen garden with rocks, moss and concrete statues such as the Buda seen in the photo. It truly does give you a feeling of peace. We can all certainly use some of that.
Oh my gosh I love this !!!  New use for old doors - this homemade pergola is absolutely charming. I'm looking for old doors as I speak    :-)
Natural Weed Killer

1  gallon of vinegar

2  cups Epson Salt

1/4  cup blue Dawn dish detergent